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Software Suspend for Linux 2.2.x

Great news!

I got the Software Suspend of Gabor Kuti to poperly work on 2.2.13 (compiled with egcs). Great work, Gabor, thanks!

What it does

Upon Sysrq-D or (optionally) a Suspend event from APM, it does stop processes, shrink memory, saves hardware state (partially), sync, writes all data pages into the swap partitions and powers down. When rebooting, the swapon will cause the kernel to recognize the image and restore the previous state.

It does work very nicely here! It's not just useful for my notebook with buggy APM, but also for desktop. Have you ever seen Linux booting to a fully restored X session in less then ten seconds, before?

There are a few shortcomings:

What I have done ...

I started from the swsusp-v6-2.3.4.gz and swsusp-current of Gabor and did some changes:

Linux 2.2.16 ...

Gabor has merged my changes and released a v7 of his patch, whichh applies cleanly against the plain 2.2.14 kernel.
Due to changes in the APM code of 2.2.16, the patch does not apply cleanly against a 2.2.16 kernel, but leaves some issues to be resolved manually. I also created a patch against a 2.2.16-SuSE kernel, which you can find below, as well.


Get my patches


(w) by Kurt Garloff, 2000-08-23