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Link Description thanks to
AutoYaST-ing at home Tutorial about ayast_setup and how to use AutoYaST for more than installation Bubli
Meet and Greet with AutoYaST Tutorial about the very basic steps. If you never used AutoYaST, this is for you me
y2confirm Tutorial about debugging AutoYaST Installations me
y2confirm part 2 Tutorial about debugging AutoYaST Installations me
SLES11 add-on's Tutorial about adding own RPMs to a SLES11 installation me
AutoYaST and it's Tools A brief overview of AutoYaST tools me
SLE Deployment Guide a PDF about deployment on SLE Novell
Cobbler on openSUSE a blogpost about setting up and using cobbler on openSUSE me
Unattended Upgrade with AutoYaST blogpost about how to do upgrades with AutoYaST me
AutoYaST Flowchart blogpost about the AutoYaST installation workflow me


Tool Description
unpackRoot unpacks the root image of an installation system
unpackInitrd unpacks the initrd image of a >= SUSE Linux 10.0 system
packInitrd packs the current directory to an initrd image of a >= SUSE Linux 10.0 system
unpackDriverUpdate unpacks a driverupdate image
packDriverUpdate packs a driverupdate image
Version post openSUSE 11.1
creates an update tree on the installation source in parallel of the actual installation tree.
Usage example:
Suppose the source resides in myInstallSource
   cd myOriginalSUSE_InstallSource
   ./ .
   mkdir -p ./updates/suse/i586
   cp -a myPackage- ./updates/suse/i586
   cd updates/suse
   create_package_descr -x setup/descr/EXTRA_PROV
   cd setup/descr
   ls > directory.yast
   # the following two steps are required since openSUSE 11.0
   cd ../../..
   create_sha1sums -x -n .
create_package_descr is part of the autoyast2-utils.rpm (inst-source-utils.rpm since 10.2 and SLES10-SP1) is part of inst-source-utils.rpm since 10.2 and SLES10-SP1
create_sha1sums is part of inst-source-utils.rpm since openSUSE 11.0
create_package_descr latest version of create_package_descr
create_package_descr is part of autoyast2-utils.rpm or inst-source-utils.rpm
check the new parameter -C to create package checksums
create_sha1sums create_sha1sums is part of inst-source-utils.rpm since openSUSE 11.0
Version 2.18.9
this client can be called from a running system, to do the autoyast configuration.
You have to provide a profile and autoyast will configure your system like in the profile.
Only stage2 configuration can be done.
yast2 ./ayast_setup.ycp setup filename=/tmp/my.xml
ayast_setup.ycp is part of the autoyast2 RPM since 10.3 If it's installed via RPM you can call it like this:
yast2 ayast_setup setup filename=/tmp/my.xml
yast2 ayast_setup setup help
Example for remote usage:
ssh --batch MyClient \
"screen -D -m yast /usr/share/YaST2/clients/ayast_setup.ycp \
setup filename=/tmp/printer.xml"

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