Open features for all milestones

Milestone 2.10

Planned for late 2018, OBS as onsite product

mandatory325606 Support picking single multibuild containers
important308182 Create administrator tool for replicating OBS resources

Milestone 3.0

2019? Collecting possible incompatible changes here

important308899 allow repository specification in project meta xml
important318339 Clone repo API support
important319313 Keep showing running maintenance incidents to packager
important320681 Admin Issue Dashboard
neutral321366 Export translation files
neutral321769 Easy Binary Download Interface
neutral324890 Allow 'multibuild' to be disabled per project
done306471 Auto create torrent files for images created


important305689 Allow creation of meta-repositories(FTE: 2d)
important305931 Temporary Build Support (aka mbuild)(FTE: 1m)
important308489 Source Code Distribution
important308798 osc pull - fetch changes from an another branch
important308843 Project wide source history
important309014 Move Request(FTE: 1d)
important309352 Support for validate remote OBS instance via SSL certificate
desirable305015 support noarch via own scheduler in Build Service
desirable307735 "Publish on Build Success" mode
desirable308840 performance: concurrent builds ...
desirable309001 WEBUI: add a page to view and manage the signkey of a project
desirable309070 Allow authentification against remote http server
desirable313801 Add "sponsored by build host" in webui
desirable315077 Project Link: option to inherit flags from linked projects
desirable315102 API call to short source history of sources
neutral304928 LSB build target(FTE: 1m)
neutral304951 Automated tests for .deb packages
neutral305591 Define Purpose for each openSUSE Build Service Project
neutral305592 Warn on creating of the package that already exists in BuildService
neutral305905 Package and Project Marking
neutral306193 Provide download statistics in OBS(FTE: 2m)
neutral306343 'Pkgstars' to reward contributors(FTE: 1w)
neutral306396 diff local files against server package without check in
neutral306469 "Publish Current State" Button
neutral306472 Another view of build service repositories
neutral306571 Make project and package maintainers easily accessible
neutral306685 Devel projects used for a project
neutral306782 osc sr should show last change
neutral306948 Estimation on waiting time on a package on obs
neutral306996 "out-of-date" package flag
neutral307145 delta rpm's for all major repositories
neutral307145 delta rpm's for all major repositories
neutral307176 Buildservice and bugzilla integration
neutral307518 list medias created on oBS on
neutral307836 Show the difference in size of dependencies at the end of the build
neutral307846 Kolab groupware server support by openSUSE
neutral308295 [hermes] option to provide diff of changes in notification (prjconf/pkg changed)
neutral308540 Download statistics
neutral308569 exclude certain subpackages from publishing
neutral308617 provide FreeBSD, Solaris and OSX build targets
neutral308618 smart online package search
neutral308637 Source and Binary clone call
neutral308801 non interactive osc mode
neutral308837 performance: jail creation ...
neutral308839 performance: prompt early on failure ...
neutral309047 Instant Build Results Through WH Technologie
neutral309057 Generate patterns out of product descriptions
neutral309084 WEBUI: Dependency resolution wizard
neutral309139 Support pattern creation for repomd repositories
neutral309324 Make Interconnect cascading working
neutral309325 Server Side package/product Release Mechanism
neutral309331 Interconnect full mirror option
neutral309332 Make entire project copy (sources and binaries)
neutral309342 Do not loose Hermes events ever.
neutral309343 Support release number in (rp-md) repositories
neutral309344 Allow to configure a history for build result files
neutral309347 Make build types pluggable
neutral309349 Repository creation modes need to go into plugins
neutral309354 Make also binary build results trackable
neutral309611 Add a "ignore" file
neutral309717 make osc to remember http authentication header
neutral309738 include dependency kind in _builddepinfo
neutral310030 detect user specs for software downloads
neutral310102 Provide ability to search for rpm provides in End User Search
neutral310145 Support (submit) requests from one OBS instance to another one, independend of interconnect
neutral310301 Add 'one click add' to repositories index-page
neutral310450 Package source version update functionality
neutral310454 Warn when disabling publish when dependent repositories exist
neutral310455 list dependent packages that trigger rebuild
neutral310492 Integrate quilt with osc
neutral310604 Push repository Status to Users
neutral310604 Push repository Status to Users
neutral310669 Automatic dependency resolution for kiwi product builds
neutral310693 Include version information in XML stream
neutral310808 multi-arch RHEL/Fedora support
neutral310884 More user-friendly binary download from obs project pages
neutral310898 Integrate BuildService and SUSE Studio better
neutral310898 Integrate BuildService and SUSE Studio better
neutral311247 mode to remove old binaries after package fail.
neutral312155 obs bugzilla link
neutral312672 create an android "osc" app
neutral312760 osc: Decouple chroot creation with package building
neutral314819 variable for SLE SP version
neutral314893 Support size check for product builds
neutral316218 API to obtain maintainer information per project
neutral317190 Monitor rpmlint warnings
neutral319414 Hermes filter for requests targetting one's packages in Factory
neutral322071 Web UI for issue_trackers
neutral322072 support multiple back references in issue_trackers
neutral322207 create # needssslcertforbuild also for gpg key
neutral322289 osc mbranch should unify sources
neutral322323 Handling of service enabled packages in maintained distros
neutral323058 OBS support for source-level syncing between codestreams
neutral324892 provide project wide _service file mode override
neutral324893 create new role that allows to trigger rebuilds
neutral324894 additional rebuild strategies
neutral324909 speed up staging setup and rebuild
neutral324961 enhance freezelink command
neutral324962 allow to lock requests
neutral324964 visualize development process
neutral324966 add mail header to specify role of the notification
neutral324968 clean old packages only after the whole repository has been re-built.
done303559 mail forward support in
done305589 Checkbox "include user home projects in search"
done305595 Show dependencies between packages in repo
done305625 Emphasize my packages in a project maintained by me.
done305656 Make hyperlinks from source project names on 'My Projects' page
done305695 Binary Upload of prebuild packges
done305923 osc revert or merge
done305930 Don't increase version number if not strictly needed
done306175 More powerful Build Service search
done306347 Expanded View in Web Interface
done306354 OSC under Windows
done306517 Read access control to obs projects(FTE: 2w)
done306781 osc sr should warn if changes are not commited
done307846 Kolab groupware server support by openSUSE
done307907 packages.?? i18n file generation from .po files
done308564 UI: Show Date of files in a Package/Project
done308845 performance: off-line building
done308906 Dots in user name cause errors but are allowed
done309006 [obs update] feed for release products
done309058 Support patterns as a build dependencies
done309083 support OBS interconnect for kiwi image builds
done309108 Add support for R to Cantor
done309108 Add support for R to Cantor
done309183 Localized package descriptions
done309183 Localized package descriptions
done309308 spectool in buildservice?
done309340 Wallpaper
done309376 Show history of accepted requests in webui for a project or package.
done309485 filter package by version on
done309562 Incorporate osc vc into the build service web ui
done309966 Bugtracker for OBS
done310397 kmldonkey for opensuse
done310519 Support
done310772 Please update FreeRadius to the latest 2.1.10
done310986 Software Search to arrive at most desirable options
done310986 Software Search to arrive at most desirable options
done311137 Update of Cyrus imapd to the 2.4.x branch
done311137 Update of Cyrus imapd to the 2.4.x branch
done311355 add LDFLAGS=-fuse-linker-plugin to %configure
done312047 make repo keys available on project's web site via SSL
done312429 submit request templates
done312456 Submit requests should have priorities
done312797 Allow to receive build checks separately
done313205 Restrict to whole-line comments in CodeMirror spec syntax
done313567 option to osc results shown transposed
done324891 fix excessive rebuilding in transitive mode