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You would like to develop your own ALSA 0.9 application ? Then you might be interested in my ALSA 0.9.0 HOWTO .

Kalsatools currently implements four applications:

  • QAMix QAMix is a configurable mixer for ALSA. The GUI description is defined in an XML file. Default interfaces for standard AC 97 cards and Soundblaster Live are provided. QAMix can be controlled via MIDI. Any number of MIDI events can be bound to any mixer control.

  • QARecord is a simple multithreaded stereo recording tool. It can record both 16 bit and 32 bit WAVs. By using a large ringbuffer for the captured data, buffer overruns are avoided. QARecord can also be used as JACK client.

  • KAconnect is a QT version of the aconnect utility for the ALSA sequencer system.

  • KWaveView is a realtime scope and spectrum analyzer.
QAMix, QARecord and KAconnect

Kalsatools: QAMix, QARecord and KAconnect


2004-02-24: QAMix-0.0.7b: New index attribute for elements with identical ALSA names. See the README for more.
2003-08-06: QAMix-0.0.6: Most commandline options can now be accessed via menu. Three different views: Full, Master only, Simple. New tags. See the README for more.
2003-07-25: QAMix-0.0.4: Added GUI description for RME Digi96.
2003-07-01: QAMix-0.0.4_pre03: New locations for GUI description files. Soundcard specific filenames. README updated. Mixer elements are now also searched for the PCM interface.
2003-06-18: QAMix-0.0.4_pre02: New attributes. Buxfixes. Read the README !
2003-06-12: QAMix-0.0.3: Named groups and styles for slider numbers. Read the README !
2003-06-05: New applications: QAMix and QARecord.

Download Sources

All programs require Qt 3 and ALSA 0.9. QARecord also requires JACK. KWaveView requires the FFTW library. The links below are pointing to the latest stable release. Other versions can be accessed via FTP .
Note that AlsaModularSynth has been moved to Sourceforge .

Download QAMix-0.0.7e

Download QARecord-0.0.9

Download KAconnect 1.1.1

Download KWaveView 1.1.4

Rik Hemsley has provided a patch for qmake support in KWaveView.

If you use the virtual keyboard vkeybd to play AlsaModularSynth, you might be interested in my extended configuration file . Just copy this file as .vkeybdrc in your home directory. Depending on your keyboard, you will have to modify this a bit. See /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h for the symbol names.

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KWaveView with spectrum

KWaveView with spectrograph